XVI || Be #1

I’m so glad people know what’s best for me more than I do… Obviously that was sarcasm. I hate that people think they know what’s best for me. I don’t mind people giving their advice to me, but basically forcing me to do what they think is best it just not okay. I want to … More XVI || Be #1

XV || 12:00 PM

Dear diary, Currently sitting at work, bored per usual. Literally all I do is Pinterest and when the phone occasionally rings I answer the phone just to hang up on a telemarketer. I can’t complain though I get paid for literally doing nothing. I’m like really trying to get my life together though. I get excited … More XV || 12:00 PM

XIV || 11:29 PM

Dear diary, I’m working on becoming a better me. I’m working on getting happier, healthier, and stronger. It’s going to be a long hard ride but I’m determined to get there. There is only one problem. I feel like I’m not doing it for me. I feel like I’m doing it for everybody else to … More XIV || 11:29 PM

XIII || Like a Girl

I close my legs, like a respectable girl. I watch my language, like a good girl. I always smile, like a happy girl. I put on makeup, like a pretty girl. I eat healthy, like a skinny girl. I slut-shame, like a respectable girl. I don’t speak, like a good girl. I cry when I’m alone, like a happy girl. … More XIII || Like a Girl

XII || Obedience

Don’t speak unless spoken to. You don’t have a say! What do you know? Shut up. Shhhh! Yes, sir. Up to you. I know nothing. ————————. Sorry, I’ll be quiet. -A.M.

XI || Dreams

As my dreams take shape, I feel myself escape. Away from the world for a moment, so I can find some enjoyment. More happiness than the sun shines, more love than on Valentines. I almost never want to wake, because then I know this is all fake. I try to put up a fight, But … More XI || Dreams

X || Goodbye.

I hold you close to me, Like the Earth holds a tree. Not willing to let go, Wishing time would slow. When I look into your eyes, I plan out my goodbyes. Because time will never be enough, One day I’ll have to be tough. -A.M.