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Warning: I get a little vulgar in this 🙂

I think I’m gonna start a new thing called: Don’t let boys fuck you over and then try to validate their shitty behavior.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was raised on princess movies and I don’t appreciate when people say that those things only happen in fairytales. Well then, BITCH, take out your magic wand and make my life into a fairytale because I deserve it. We all deserve it. Don’t give me less than because I don’t settle for less……. anymore, lol fml.

I am so tired of making excuses for boys who don’t deserve it. I want to tell my kids a love story. A story of how their dad swept me off my feet. NOT about all the little side hoes I had to fight. Or about all the flowers I didn’t receive or the goodnight texts I didn’t get even though they had unlimited texting (it’s 2017 you’re lying if you don’t and there’s wifi like everywhere).

I want someone who can’t go the next day without texting me. But not too clingy because I hate that. But I want someone to want me. I don’t want to fight for someone. I’ve done that. And it’s exhausting and upsetting when you can’t win. Especially when you know you’re not the only girl. Like wtf are you doing, copying and pasting the same message that girls want to hear in different DM’s??? Probably, you piece of shit.

Is a sweet boy who has genuine feelings too much to ask for???


Sorry for the rant, the holiday season is coming up and all the couples are going out so I’m feeling extra lonely. Also, I watched a million wedding videos and I’m like wow I hope someone loves me that much one day. We shall see.


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