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Lucky to be sad.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. When we feel sadness, we are consumed by it and we only look at what is making us so sad. But sometimes, we are lucky to be sad. We are lucky to have emotions and feelings.

Being in college, I’m always saying bye to my friends who have to go back to school and whatnot. I had to say bye to my last friend which was really upsetting for me. I cried on my way home thinking about how much I miss my friends who left for school. But then I realized how lucky I am. I am so lucky to feel this way for my friends. I stopped crying and just realized how blessed I am to feel such a strong love for them and for me to be loved back by them. I have such great connection to my friendsThere are so many superficial friend groups. They all hangout, but they don’t really care for the people they surround themselves with.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much love surrounds us. I take it for granted all the time. But when I stop to think about it, I’m just shocked by how much love is in my life.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

We are so lucky to experience things in life that when they’re over we are sad, but be happy that you were able to experience something like that because not everybody does.


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