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I’m sitting in my room on a Monday night, 11:51 PM, with a million homework assignments to finish and I can’t seem to do them. All I can think about is what I want to be doing and how I can’t do that either.

Dreams are a funny concept. Everyone says “follow your dreams.” But nobody really means it. If we truly followed our dreams, it would cause so much drama. Unwanted drama. So we oppress these dreams that everyone keeps telling us to follow so we don’t hurt the people around us. “Follow your dreams” is a load of shit. “Follow your dreams, as long as they are convenient for the people around you” is what people should say. We don’t want to do what we have to do and we can’t do what we want to do, so where does that leave us?

My parents always tell me to “follow my dreams.” If I were to follow my dreams right now, I would drop out of college and move to NYC to go to culinary school. But if I did that, it would crush their dreams. It’s funny how we can follow somebody else’s dreams for us, but not our own.

My case is different from the next person’s, but not really. Different dreams, same situation. Dreams are big. Typically. And if we follow them, we can be lead to happiness and success, or unhappiness and failure if they don’t turn out the way we want them. Is it worth the risk? How do we know when to follow our dreams?


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