Dear Diary · Everything

1:58 PM

Dear diary,

UGH. I’m going through a phase. A phase I would like to call: “I just wanna get rich quick so I can dick around with my best friend in NYC” phase. I literally love New York and I want to move there someday. The only thing is I have so many things I need to do here first before I can ever move there.
1. I have to finish college.
2. I have to grow my home bakery that I started with my friend, M.
3. Get rich.
4. Grow some balls.
My dream would be to open a bakery in NYC, but first I have to do it in LA. It just seems like the most practical thing to do. Right now me and M’s bakery is going fine, but its slow. And we want to open up a storefront but its so expensive. And we’re broke college kids. We’re just waiting for our big break. So many goals, but I’m too impatient to wait. I want to achieve them now. SOS.


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