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Why does it take someone to just completely slap you in the face for you to realize how shitty of a person someone is? We try to see the best in people, but some people don’t deserve that. Some people need to be seen for who they are and not what they could be.It sucks trusting someone and then getting totally betrayed by them.

I didn’t trust this one guy for a long time. He had always been special to me but I knew he didn’t treat me well so I was always very careful on trusting him. I couldn’t trust him when he told me he wasn’t seeing anyone because although he probably didn’t consider girls his girlfriends, they considered him their boyfriend. I tried to gain trust with him and he started giving me reasons to because he was totally honest with me. He would tell me when he had a girl and I would distance myself from him because I don’t want to get involved. I finally felt respected and I trusted him.

But guess the f*ck what. Here I am at a party (on a boat, in which I can’t escape) and someone spilled the Tea to me. I found out three months later that I had been totally betrayed. I had asked him if he had a girlfriend before anything happened and this piece of shit said no. He said she cheated on her so they took a broke up but still keep in touch. A couple months later I’m talking to someone and they brought her up and I was like what? Maybe a new girlfriend or they got back together, but nothing overlapped he was being honest with me. Well, apparently two days before that night, he had introduced his girlfriend to all of his friends. Girlfriend. Two. Days. What. The. F*******CK.

I literally couldn’t even stay in that conversation after I had to run to the bathroom and cry. I felt so terrible how could I had trusted him. In the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t trust him, and yet I still did. I let my feelings overpower my brain.

People will push you when you’re down, stab you in the back, lie to your face, everything. And you never know who is gonna do that. Honestly make sure you guard your heart to those who don’t deserve it and set it free to those who do. Don’t be fooled by some person who bats their eyes at you and tells you what you want to hear. Take them for what they are, even if that means you have to let go of your “dream” guy/gal. Because if they’re treating you bad, theirs nothing dreamy about them.

…Sorry for this drunken rant and god bless for spellcheck.

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