Dear Diary · Everything

1:03 AM

Dear Diary,

Just finished watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Such a romantic movie. One of my favorites actually, not to sound basic. Watching it makes me wish I could be standing in front of Tiffany’s in NYC eating a pastry and sipping on coffee. That would feel so magical.

There’s something about this movie that just make me wish I was in NYC. There’s something about the hustle of it that I just appreciate so much. I want to be apart of it. I crave it.

It’s hard for me to watch this movie sometimes because I feel like I’m yearning for something that is so out of my reach. My dream is to live in New York. To be a fabulous New Yorker. I just feel so stuck to my life here, I don’t think I could ever make it there. If I could, I would go there for college. But I feel like my family really needs me right now that I can’t. I feel like me moving would be too much pressure on my parents and they don’t need anymore. But I also want to do what I want to do. I want to do something that would make me happy. I just have so many ties to LA, I don’t think I could. Not in the near future at least.

It’s hard having dreams that are practical in a situation that’s not yours. You know? Like it is such a capable dream, but the terms of your life do not allow you. But I guess that’s what dreams are though. They’re never easy. Nobody dreams of eating a piece of toast. I mean I guess if you can’t afford it then you do. One man’s dream is another’s man’s reality.

One day my dream may come true. Until then, I’ll watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and live vicariously through Holly Golightly.


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