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Where is Love?

Love. We all search for it. We all want it. But we search for it in the wrong places. And we want it for the wrong reasons.

I have been single for quite some time now and I’ve gone through crushes, dating, and talking to people. But here I am in the end, single and I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. And for such a long time I would see other couples in love and think, “Am I ever going to experience love?” Am I ever going to love and be loved? I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. I know there are plenty of single people out there thinking about why they’re single and if they’re ever going to find their true love. This leads us to rush things. To go out with people we know we won’t hit it off with. Because we just want to find love.

But the truth is, love is all around us. We just have to take the time to appreciate a different kind of love than we’re searching for. When I think about my best friends, I feel love. When I think about my family, I feel love. Even when I think about my dog, I feel love. Love is all around me, but I get so consumed about this romantic love and finding the right person for me that I miss out on the real love. Love does not mean having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Love means you can’t live without someone regardless their flaws and quirks. Love is knowing that in the hardest times of your life, they are all you need to get through it.

Now, I don’t want to keep overlooking the best love that there is. Self love. Even when you’re low and you feel like nobody is there for you, there is always someone there for you. It’s you. So, love the best version of yourself, love the worst version of yourself. Love your strengths and your weaknesses. Love YOU. Because you don’t have to search for it. You have it. Just let it take over.


2 thoughts on “Where is Love?

  1. You’re absolutely right. Love is not only to be sought in relationships. In the fact, in order to share love with someone in a relationship, it’s important to first learn to love yourself unconditionally. I have been single for over 23 years of my life and always trusted my gut, usually refusing the dates with men I felt I wouldn’t hit it off with (which was met with much of disapproval and frustration on the side of my mom :P). I kept my focus rather on personal growth and my passions. When I turned 24, I started dating someone I have known for quite some time and started developing deeper feelings for. Now we’ve been together for almost a year and I feel pure love and support from his side. I’m really glad I haven’t settled for anyone else. So don’t be discouraged, be patient and instead of searching for love, let it happen 😉


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