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I tried to be like you,

Because you were the one I looked up to.

You were my knight in shining armor,

Until I saw how much you harmed her.

Don’t misunderstand,

You did not lay a hand.

But when I hear her cry at night,

I know something is not right.

You think you’re the best husband and dad,

Even when you treat us bad.

But you aren’t rated by how much money you make,

But by how hard you make our hearts break.

All we wanted from you was warm love,

But all we got was a cold, hard shove.

And they tell me I’m just like you,

But I try to prove it’s not true.

And when I try to get my point across,

I will always end up at a loss.

Because you put on a real good act,

but I know its not fact.

Because I see you for who you are,

And they only see you from afar.

But you will never change,

Even for my love in exchange.

And you will always deny,

That you’re the reason I stay up and cry.


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